ThinkRisk Announces [in]TELLIGENCE℠

The first comprehensive advertising/content, data security and privacy program to be offered nationwide on an admitted basis

Technology continues to transform businesses everywhere. Recent surveys have reported that more than half of small to mid-size U.S. firms have already experienced at least one data breach. The risks are increasing every day as most companies process credit card transactions, store and disseminate sensitive employee/client information and data in the course of their normal operations. Media and advertising-related exposures have grown significantly as businesses take on roles once reserved for traditional advertising agencies.

The explosion of digital and social media including blogs, sophisticated interactive websites and the increasingly common use of images, music, pictures, and videos to promote products/services has exposed businesses of all sizes to…Click here to read more about ThinkRisk’s latest product [in]TELLIGENCE.

For more information about the program, contact: 

Reza Khan, CPCU
ThinkRisk Underwriting Agency, LLC
347 W. 36th Street, Suite 203, New York, NY 10018
Cell: 646.467.4266

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